Reddam College - Academic


Academic Focus

Lateral thought, comprehension and innovative application of skills and concepts form three pillars of Reddam House's fundamental approach to education. Great care is taken in the selection of Reddam House teachers as we appreciate the importance of their contribution to shaping enquiring minds and developing young talent. Specialist knowledge, excellent qualifications, outstanding reputations and exceptional rapport with students are just some of the qualities we expect in our teachers. We live in a dynamic society and flexibility is applied to the academic programme in order to accommodate the demands and challenges of an ever-changing world. Curricula are extended and enriched in accordance with these external changes. In order to provide an all-round and well-balanced education for our students, Reddam House offers an extensive range of subjects beyond the mandatory school curriculum. Through sound teaching methods, we expose students to a wide variety of subjects, including information technology and research skills. We foster global awareness of environmental issues.

Reddam House provides education extending beyond traditional academia, as we believe it is imperative that our students are adequately equipped to manage life's challenges and to achieve standards that are internationally comparable. In addition to regular academic subjects, Reddam House students also receive tuition in life and communication skills, study methods and time management.


Reddam's academic curriculum is developed within the guidelines of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). It is designed to offer an exposure to a wide range of subjects, developing the full variety of skills vital for a holistic approach to education.

Grade 8 and 9



Language, Literacy & Communication

Mathematical Literacy and Mathematics

English (1st Language)

Choose ONE of the following as second additional language:

·         Afrikaans

·         isiZulu


Natural Sciences

Human and Social Sciences



Economic and Social Sciences


Accounting, Economics and Business Management

Design Technology

Computer Literacy

Arts and Culture

Life Orientation

Drama Arts & Culture specializing in

ONE of the following:

·         Art OR

·         Music OR

·         Dance

Life Skills Physical Education Tutor Class



Grade 8 and 9 Students are required to select one additional subject from the following:

Student to choose two of the following indicating “1” for first choice and “2” for second choice:

·        French

·        Travel & Tourism

·        Italian

·        Portuguese

·        Hebrew

·        Sound Engineering


·        An optional subject requires 15 students before it can be offered.

·        The Music option requires competency in a musical instrument.

·        A student's subject choice may only be changed once an official ‘Student Change Form' has been signed by all parties.

FIELDSHome Language

Core Mathematics



English (compulsory)

Mathematics Literacy

Life Orientation (compulsory)


1st Additional Language (Choose one)





Choose any THREE learning fields from the list below:


Arts and Culture

Physical, Mathematical and Life Sciences

Dance Studies

Life Sciences

Dramatic Arts

Physical Sciences


Visual Arts

Human and Social Studies


Languages (second additional languages)





Business, Commerce and Management Studies




Business Studies


Computer Sciences

Computer Applications Technology


Extra Subject (if subjects do not fit)

Information Technology

Please note:

a.     Immigrant concessions – any person who came to South Africa in Grade 7 or above may offer only ONE official language on at least FIRST Additional level, provided that ANOTHER subject is offered in lieu of the one language not taken

b.     A maximum of FOUR languages may be taken

c.     Students have to achieve 50% in Grade 9 Mathematics to take Core Mathematics

d.     Students need 55% in Mathematics in Grade 9 to take Science and Information Technology

e.     Students have to achieve a pass in subjects chosen for the following year.